3D Figurines
Price List

We can print smaller than 10cm or larger than 20 cm (up to 50cm), so please inquire if you are interested in different sizes. If you are not sure, we recommend going for a "scale" of your reals size, like 1/10 or 1/12. This is particularly useful when you are getting figurines made with your loved ones or plan to make figurines to record the growth of your child.

Figurine Size Price(*for standing pose)
~10㎝ ¥17,000(w/tax ¥18,360)
~11㎝ ¥19,000(w/tax ¥20,520)
~12㎝ ¥21,000(w/tax ¥22,680)
~13㎝ ¥23,500(w/tax ¥24,675)
~14㎝ ¥26,000(w/tax ¥28,080)
~15㎝ ¥28,500(w/tax ¥30,780)
~16㎝ ¥31,000(w/tax ¥33,480)
~17㎝ ¥33,500(w/tax ¥36,180)
~18㎝ ¥36,000(w/tax ¥38,880)
~19㎝ ¥38,500(w/tax ¥41,580)
~20㎝ ¥41,000(w/tax ¥44,280)

① Reprint

When you order a second (or third) figurine of the same model, only the 3D printing cost will apply. You can save a lot by ordering same figurines to give your child's figurine to your parents or to share between couples. It will make a fantastic gift!

② Other than Standing Pose

The prices above are based on a standing pose. 3D printing cost varies by the volume, so 3D printing out sitting poses or small babies and pets will be more expensive per height compared to standing pose. A separate quote will be provided in such cases. Sitting pose is approximately 1.5 times that of a standing pose. Also, scanning with a large objects such as a large bag, or with a baby in your arms may also increase the cost of 3D printing at about 10%. We will provide quotes to ensure you are happy with the price before we proceed to printing.

③ Data only price

 If figurine is not what you are after or if you have your own home printer, you can also purchase the 3D model data only. Depending on the quality of the data desired, we can custom make 3D data. For more information about our 3D data, please see Our 3D Data

④ Group Discount

For a group of 2 people, we take off ¥500 off from each figurine. For a group of three or more, we take off ¥1,000 from each figurine made.

3D Photoscan Process

If you are in a rush, we can take a scan of you in about 15 minutes, but at 3D Studio Watts, we scan by reservations only to make sure we make ample time for all of our customers to ask questions and get oriented before we start.

Book a time Smiley face Please contact us with your availability from our contact form
Scan Smiley face We scan you at our studio in Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo Japan. When we say "scan", we mean taking 80 photographs of you with 80 synchronized cameras, so the single shot takes less than 0.01 second. You will then be able to check your pose and facial expression. We can retake until you are happy with the shot!
Check 3D Data Smiley face Once we make your 3D model (about 1 week after the scan), we ask you to check your model online (no application installation required, you just need internet access). This is when you can ask for anything to be fixed or changed before 3D printing.
Figurine Delivered Smiley face The final 3D data model is then sent to full-color 3D printer to be printed out. You will receive your figurine in about a week from the date of your confirmation of 3D model or your payment, whichever is later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

① Is there any material or type of clothing which are hard to scan?

1. Shiny, reflective materials
Photoscan and also some other scanning devices commonly tend to do no so well with shiny materials like enamel, vinyl, and other shiny synthetics.
Glasses are also not recommended for the same reason. If your glasses are a part of your look, we can model them and put them on your face after the scan (additional cost of ¥2,000 will apply).

2. Stretchy and/or solid color material
Other commonly worn but hard to scan material is stretchy material in dark color without any patterns. Black or dark leggings, tights, tight T-shirt are some of the classic examples.
In another word, the photoscan loves creases, patterns, seams, knits, anything it can detect "unique points". Stretchy material without patterns is very hard for photoscan to know what it's looking at.

Photoscan favorites are jeans, knitted sweaters, patterned or materials with details.

Having said this, at 3D Studio Watts, we try our best to scan you in your favorite clothes.
We will find ways to work around our challenges in the best way we can.

② Is there any pose which cannot be scanned?

We value our customers inspiration and creativity the most, so we do our best to accommodate whatever pose you come up with.
However, in order to maximize the quality of scan, we suggest that our subjects fit within the ranges below ensure our cameras can capture you properly.

1. Within 80 cm in diameter
2. Taller than 30 cm
3. Shorter than 200 cm

③ What material is the figurine made of?

 We send our 3D models to our trusted and the best 3D printer who prints in full-color in material called gypsum (also known as sandstone) in Japan.
However, each 3D printer has its strengths and we do have a wide range of printers available to meet your need if you are looking for something specific (specific material, cheap cost, etc.).

Please contact us to inquire for more information.

Our primary material of choice, gypsum, is the best full-color option available in the market today, but has downside of being brittle, easy to break. For this reason, we sometimes recommend different pose or different size to avoid figurines from breaking easily.