3D CG Models

At 3D Studio Watts, we take images taken with our 120 DSLRs to create your own original 3D model and send it to you to review before printing so you know what you are going to get (for 3D scan process, please visit 3D photoscan process). You will be able to view your 3D model on 3D display websites. All you need is a computer with internet access (you can also view them on most recent smart phones, but we recommend viewing on your computer for full functinality).
You can also get a copy of your 3D model data (in OBJ file format). Purchase of 3D data only (without 3D figurine) is also available.To Price List

The polygon of the model has been decimated for optimal viewing online.
View more 3D model online(You will be directed to a website outside of 3D Studio Watts.)

High Polygon Scanned 3D Models


3D Studio Watts will customize your 3D model to fit your need up to about 5 million polygons. You can 3D scan your products, work, or develop 3D characters for versatile digital world. We can also help you translate your creativity into 3D with AR (Augmented REality), 3D morphing, and any other unique needs you may have in order to enhance the presentation or use of your 3D objects/models. Please contact us to inquire.

These are screenshots of a sample of high polygon 3D model we got from our photoscan system. You can click on each image to enlarge.

Raw Photo data


If you have your own 3D photoscan application or have someother means of using our raw photo data, you can just get the photographs. The photos can be delivered in RAW (.cr2) files or in tiff files. Please contact us for more details.