3D Data

At 3D Studio Watts, we cater to businesses, artists, and any interested individuals who are in need of high polygon and high resolution 3D models. Our models can be animated and have been used in advertisement, games, 3D icons, etc. We are keen to receive new challenges and open to any requests you may have. More


Capture the moment in 3D

At 3D Studio Watts, we record your family's, your friends' and your life in 3D.

Our Services and Prices

We specialize in "freezing time", scanning you and your loved ones in less than a split second, to capture the moment forever as you experience it: in 3D. We are the first 3D photoscanning studio in Tokyo, Japan. The images taken by our 120 DSLRs are then processed to create a 3D image, color adjusted, then printed out in full color to make a perfect replica of how you and your loved ones stood today. Prices start from JPY 17,000. More


Our Work

Here are some examples of our work so far, brought to you by some of our customers' kind permission.